Appointment Instructions

Thanks so much for booking us for your wedding day!  Please take a moment to read the following appointment instructions as they will ensure that everyone arrives to their appointment prepared and we stay on schedule.

When deciding on your desired hair and make-up styles, please keep in mind that Costa Rica is a tropical climate and can be very humid (especially late-March through May).  If you are not acclimated to this climate, you will want to choose hair and make-up styles that will keep you as comfortable as possible.
Shampooing hair the night before helps styles hold much better than if hair is shampooed immediately prior to styling.  This is especially true if your style requires a lot of curling or if you have fine hair.  If possible, avoid getting your hair wet in the ocean or pool the day of your appointment.
If you are having an updo, please arrive to your appointment with dry hair.  Your scheduled time will not include time for blow-drying.  
If you have very longthick hair, or hair prone to frizz, please let us know ahead of time so that we can allot adequate time for your appointment.  
If you have very fine hair and want to have a fuller hair style (updo or down), you might consider purchasing some clip in hair extensions for the wedding day.  These work wonders!!
Unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with thick, full lashes, I highly recommend using them anytime you're going to be photographed.  I only use individual style lashes which are very light weight, comfortable and natural looking.  They greatly enhance the eyes and really help them "pop" in photos.
It is important to have your face clean and make-up free prior to your appointment, taking special care to be sure there is no residual mascara residue on your lashes.
Please apply any moisturizers at least an hour before our session so it can be completely absorbed.
No waxing or tweezing is done during your appointment as it irritates the skin and causes redness -- which no one wants prior to photos!  Please have your eyebrows plucked/waxing well in advance of your appointment.

What to bring to your appointment
Photos, photos, photos.  We cannot stress this enough.  Please have photos of how you would like your make-up and hair.  This is extremely helpful to us, especially if we have not met prior for a trial session.  Since we have such a short time to work with you, having a clear visual of how you envision your hair and make-up ensures that we stay on schedule.  You can e-mail your photos or links to us, or if you use Pinterest, you can send us a link to your wedding boards.  We have lots of ideas for hair and make-up posted on our Pinterest boards as well.
Lipstick, lipgloss, etc.  Lipcolor will be provided at your appointment, however, you will want to reapply throughout the event so be sure to bring your favorite color.
Veil, hair accessories, etc.  Please have your veil or any hair accessories available for your appointment (and trial session if you are scheduling a trial).  Be sure to let your wedding planner know if you'd like additional flowers for your or any member of your wedding party’s hairstyle.
If you require heavier coverage (for concealing scars, birthmarks, etc.), and have a product that you feel works well for you, please bring it to your appointment so we can be sure to you have the coverage you would like.
If you use Bare Minerals foundations, powders, etc., please bring those to your appointment.
The majority of the cosmetics I use are made by Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, Benefit and Make-Up Forever.  I find these products work very well in Costa Rica's climate, are long-wearing, lightweight and photograph beautifully.  However, if you have a particular brand of cosmetics that you prefer to use, feel free to bring those with you to your appointment(s).  We can use a combination of products to achieve the look you want.


Unfortunately, here in Costa Rica we don't have Sephora, Ulta or anything like that in order to buy cosmetics.  It's also impossible to get items mailed.   I rely on having items brought to me.  So, if you or anyone in the wedding party may be going to one of these places prior to the wedding, and would be interested in picking up items I may be needing in exchange for your make-up application (with a $10 discount) please contact me so that we can chat about it.