Athena & Sean

One of the greatest parts of this job is getting to spend time with the bride and those closest to her as she gets ready to walk down the aisle.  This particular wedding was really something special.  Athena's family is an amazing example of how much love can be in an extended family.  She was surrounded by her parents and "step" parents, sisters and "step"sisters.  But I have to put step in quotes because there was no "step" in this family -- there was just family.  Everyone was loving and supporting of each other, first wives, second wives, half sister, full sister, etc.  It was something very rare and it was wonderful to be in the company of this sort of togetherness. 

As always, Jonathan Yonkers put together a dreamy wedding highlights video.  I LOVE his work!!


 Best of wishes to you both!

Location:  Bahia del Sol, Playa Portrero
Photographer:  Sergio Pucci

Perfect Glowing Make-Up

Many brides, especially beach brides, are always in search of the perfect, glowing "natural look" make-up.  Nude or lightly shaded lips and eyes accentuated with gorgeous neutral or copper tones and a clean stroke of gel liner.  This look photographs beautifully -- especially for a sunset ceremony -- and is gorgeous on just about everyone. 


Erica & Chris

Congratulations to Erica & Chris on their beautiful wedding at Barcelo, Langosta.


Photographer:   Margaux Gamble - Comfort Studio


White Wire Crochet Earrings

I'm a huge Etsy addict --- probably in need of a 12 step program!  It constantly amazes me how many truly creative artists there are out there.  If you haven't browsed wedding items on Etsy, you must!  There are so many unique handmade items and it's a great way to support independent artists. 

I stumbled across these gorgeous white wire crochet earrings made by Albina Rose and thought they were so delicate and unique.  They are available in white or cream.